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Charlotte Coyle

Surrogacy: new parents stuck abroad amid Covid-19 shutdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has not only halted all types of international travel for those travelling for business and leisure but for those wanting to travel home with their newborn children. These new global travel restrictions will cause serious problems...

Top tips to remember amidst a relationship breakdown

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Many of you may have noticed that your first day back at work this year coincided with the infamously dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ on 6 January. In fact, January as a whole was declared “the divorce month” by the media, whereby those who...

Grandparents' role in modern day society

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A grandparent’s role in modern day society can come in all different forms: paternal grandparents, step-grandparents, grandparents who fulfil the role of a full time carer and grandparents who have no contact at all with their grandchildren. ...