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Emily Kearsey

How to lawfully suspend an employee and avoid a "knee-jerk reaction"

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When can an employer lawfully suspend an employee and what is the correct procedure to do so? We find that this is a really common stumbling block for employers. Indeed, new guidance on suspending employees has been produced by ACAS this summer, suggesting...

Are you battling with the Beast from the East?

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Blizzards and icy winds have swept in from Siberia, with temperatures plummeting and a blanket of snow settling over most of the country. For many HR managers, the Beast from the East may feel like a waking nightmare, causing childcare and travel disruption,...

Tech: Considering equal pay and the gender pay gap

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This article first appeared in UK Tech News . The effect of equal pay law is that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. On the other hand, the gender pay gap is a measure of the difference between average earnings of men and women...