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Fiona Wilson

Goodman Derrick's family team have successfully acted in relation to a rare "non-court" family law dispute

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Goodman Derrick’s family law team have successfully acted on behalf of a client who had a financial order made by consent in 2018 but who was experiencing difficulties in recovering payments for child care costs. The case has been reported in the law...

Fiona Wilson answers some common client questions for Family Mediation Week

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Is family mediation right for me? How can family mediation help? How does family mediation work? Is family mediation a lengthy process? What is a Memorandum of Understanding? How do family lawyers help with a family mediation?

We are getting divorced - should we share a lawyer? Fiona Wilson answers a reader's question in the Financial Times

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It’s all perfectly amicable and my husband has suggested we instruct one family lawyer for both of us.We're getting divorced - should we share a lawyer?

You want to aim to have as much constructive dialogue as possible and to keep conversations going. When you get divorced there are often three separate aspects to the process:

  1. dissolving your marriage.
  2. dealing with any issues relating to children.
  3. dealing with issues relating to finances.

The real benefit of using an experienced family lawyer, even where they cannot act for both parties, is that they can help steer the way through an unfamiliar process with guidance and advice to make sure that you can move forward securely for the future.

Getting together (legally) might have become easier but breaking up is still a matter for the courts

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It is not that often that the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, deals with matters of private Family Law but in the past few months, it has heard not one but 3 such cases. Owens – examined the grounds for divorce and asked if it is...