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Tom Pemberton

The meaning of practical completion of your construction project: don't leave it to the contract administrator (or the court) to decide

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The recent Technology and Construction Court judgment in the case of Mears Limited v Costplan Services (South East) Limited & Others [2018] provides lessons of interest to all developers and any parties taking leases or transfers of property in reliance...

Tackling the late payment epidemic: a new prescription from the government?

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Efforts to tackle the issue so far have been little more than “nudging” techniques to pay more promptly. Is the government ready to ramp up the campaign? Market surveys in the wake of the collapse of Carillion suggest that protecting cashflow...

Consultations on payment issues in the construction industry

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It is as much the case today that “cashflow is the life blood of the building industry” as it was when Lord Denning coined the phrase over 50 years ago in the Court of Appeal judgment of Dawnays vs Minter (1971). Slow and uncertain...