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Legal assistance for victims of fake investment and fake ISA scams

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Fraudsters are currently contacting members of the public using bank branding to promote fake investment schemes, including fake ISAs. If you have fallen victim to a fake investment fraudster then please take these steps: Contact your bank and the bank...

Fighting against authorised push payment fraud - Dan Dodman published in Property Week

Daniel Dodman
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Dan Dodman , Partner in our Dispute Resolution team, has been published in Property Week on authorised push payment fraud. A continuing trend, Authorised Push Payment fraud, or “APP” fraud, is rife in lockdown Britain, particularly in high...

Dan Dodman has been published in Professional Adviser Magazine - authorised push payment fraud

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Authorised push payment fraud is becoming ever more sophisticated and increasingly prevalent in the UK. During the first half of 2019, Britons lost £207mi in these frauds, up by 40 per cent from the same period last year.  These figures are...

Step by step advice for victims of push payment fraud and online scams

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If you are the victim of a push payment fraud, an online scam, a phishing scam or any other kind of financial fraud, then you must take these steps in order to protect your position: Contact your bank and the bank where the money was sent. You must do...

Our Authorised Push Payment Fraud service is now available

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Our Authorised Push Payment Fraud service is now available. Push Payment Frauds, more commonly known as bank transfer scams or phishing scams, have become the crime of choice for financial fraudsters. Whether you have lost several thousands pounds or a much...