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Dan Dodman has been published in Professional Adviser Magazine - authorised push payment fraud

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Authorised push payment fraud is becoming ever more sophisticated and increasingly prevalent in the UK.

During the first half of 2019, Britons lost £207mi in these frauds, up by 40 per cent from the same period last year. 

These figures are likely to be considerably higher this year with fraudsters taking advantage of uncertainty thrown up by the Pandemic and the increased use of tech by elderly individuals.

Specialist fraud lawyer, Dan Dodman, has been published in Professional Adviser the must-read information service for UK-based regulated financial advisers, offering swift and comprehensive insight into developments in the financial services sector.

You can read Dan's full article on the Professional Adviser website.

Dan's article explains what Push Payment Fraud is and how easy it is to become a victim – it’s not just the vulnerable who get scammed, even personal finance journalists have been caught out!

Dan also provides:

  • An outline of what the banking industry is doing to prevent scams through the Voluntary Code that most banks have signed up to
  • Tips on what to do if a client does fall victim and his or her bank refuses to compensate
  • What next? Should banks go further by tightening the Code?

For further information about our push payment fraud service and to speak to an experienced, London based, fraud lawyer please contact Dan Dodman or Jonathan Cole.