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Step by step advice for victims of push payment fraud and online scams

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If you are the victim of a push payment fraud, an online scam, a phishing scam or any other kind of financial fraud, then you must take these steps in order to protect your position:

  1. Contact your bank and the bank where the money was sent. You must do this now as the money may be recoverable

  2. Contact a solicitor with experience of push payment fraud consumer cases

  3. Check if your bank has signed up to the voluntary Authorised Push Payment Scam Code

  4. Report the fraud to the police at

  5. Make a formal complaint to your bank in line with the Code

  6. If your bank is not signed up to the code you should still make a formal complaint to your bank and any other banks or financial institutions involved

  7. If your claim is rejected then you may be able to challenge the decision through the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

  8. And finally, do not take “no” for answer

Our legal service for victims of financial fraud is available by clicking here. 

For further information about our push payment fraud service and to speak to an experienced, London based, fraud lawyer please contact Dan Dodman or Jonathan Cole.