Charities Sector

Most official investigations into charities stem from confusion and ignorance of the law.

We can help dispel uncertainty at any stage and can assist right from the start with the registration of a charity with the Charity Commission. We can then handle all the legal issues that can arise in relation to running a charity.

We deal with all aspects of charities and in particular can advise on:

  • the setting up and registration of charities. Are the proposed objects charitable? What form should a charity take - trust, company or other legal entity?
  • the responsibilities and duties of trustees
  • legitimate trading activities for charities or whether a separate trading company is more appropriate
  • scope and suitability of investment powers including delegation of investment management accounting procedures
  • tax effective giving to charities
  • dealing with the Charity Commission including applications for Schemes to extend the objects or increase administrative powers
  • Charity Commission Inquiries
  • general commercial and operational advice e.g. in relation to employment and property matters
  • buying and selling investment and functional properties

Key services

  • Setting up and Registration
  • Trading
  • Investment
  • Accounting and Taxation Requirements
  • Fundraising and Tax Effective Giving
  • Dealings with the Charity Commission
  • Employment
  • Property

If you require more information about the services offered by the Charities team, or if you wish to make a specific enquiry, please contact Ian Bradshaw by email or call 0207 404 0606.