Sport has never been so popular. 

Incredible performance standards are providing unmissable entertainment; investment in stadiums has led to record attendance levels; and developments in media and technology have meant access to tournaments, games and stars has risen to previously unimagined levels.

Increased demand means more demands on you, whether you are a sports person, a club, or an adviser.

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The lawyers in our dedicated sports team understand the demands of the industry. They know you face ever more fierce competition, stronger regulators and increasingly powerful media partners not to mention a public that is harder to please than ever. 

The wealth of experience we have built up within the world of sport has allowed us to become a trusted partner to our sports clients.  It is a position we have cemented by providing the commercially sound advice clubs, owners, sports people, managers, agents and other stakeholders need to navigate the challenges they face and complete the deals and projects that will take them to the next level.

Our sports law team includes experts in corporate, commercial, media, employment, real estate, infrastructure, construction and dispute resolution and reputation management as well as experienced solicitors from our private client, collector car, family, reputation and residential property teams.

We regularly work with clubs and sports people involved in:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby Union
  • Boxing
  • Rugby League
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Horse racing
  • Motor sports
  • Golf
  • The Olympics
  • Greyhound racing

We have also worked with a number of related organisations including sports broadcasters and sports-specific marketing agencies and medical practices.

Sports People

Professional sport is intense. Not only are performance levels incredibly high but additional demands are being made of every sportsperson away from the field of play.  It is no longer possible for athletes just to perform.  A myriad of commercial, contractual, regulatory, reputational and personal issues must be managed along the way.

The lawyers in our specialist sports team include experts in contracts, property, media, employment, dispute resolution, family law, private wealth and tax and reputation management.   They understand the issues a modern sportsperson faces and have helped clients from a wide variety of sports find a successful and certain way through. 

The depth of our experience means we are well known amongst the sporting community as lawyers who provide trusted and commercially sound advice that helps our sports clients enjoy their careers and support their families.

We act for an ever-growing list of footballers, rugby players, cricketers, boxers, athletes, Olympians, and their advisers and managers. We provide straight-talking advice that helps our clients:

  • On their most important commercial agreements e.g. sponsorship and appearance agreements, image rights and transfer terms
  • Negotiate the best possible contracts of employment, and manage employment issues and disputes
  • Successfully navigate disciplinary actions, breach of contract disputes and anti-doping claims
  • With reputation management and, more specifically, advising on defamation and privacy issues

We have also developed experience of advising our sporting clients beyond their playing careers and into their private lives. 

Our sports team includes experienced solicitors from our private client, property and family teams who have a long and successful history of helping sportspeople:

  • Acquire, develop and manage their personal property portfolios, whether residential or for commercial investment
  • Protect their family’s financial future
  • Take the best care of their relationships with their spouses, partners, wider-family and children

Sports Clubs

Today’s sports clubs have much more to worry about than simply making sure they have a team and venue to fulfil their next fixture. 

Sports clubs have become complex and multifaceted businesses, providing a public product that is as much in demand from sponsors, partners and the media as it is from the spectators who make sport what it is.

The lawyers in our specialist sports team understand the unique demands being placed on clubs by competitors, regulators, media partners and an increasingly demanding public. 

Experience has taught us how best to partner with the clubs we are proud to call clients.  We know how to help them navigate the challenges they face and complete the transactions and projects that will take them to the next level.

Our lawyers are experts in corporate, commercial, media, employment, real estate, infrastructure, construction, dispute resolution and reputation management. The legal services we regularly provide for sports clubs include:

  • Ensuring the sponsorship, merchandising, agency and other commercial agreements are in place 
  • Negotiating media, broadcasting and digital rights deals
  • Advising on corporate structure and  delivering mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Infrastructure construction and development, including stadia and training and academy premises
  • Property representation including acquisitions, investments, asset management, funding, and joint venture arrangements
  • Advising on how to stay compliant with the current demands of their regulatory body including representation in tribunals and before regulatory bodies
  • Resolving all kinds of commercial and property disputes
  • Employment law and contracts for directors, senior hires, managers, and players, including managing disputes and claims

Our private client and family teams are also on hand to provide the advice that executives and playing staff may require in relation to wealth and estate planning and family and relationship issues.  We also offer specialist advice to individuals in relation to investments in property, high value cars and other collectable assets.