Careers With Us

Do you believe there's more to life than 14-hour days and endless weekends catching up?

The good news is: GOODMAN DERRICK LLP could be the city firm you always hoped to find. We turn our medium size to our clients' advantage - and yours.

What does that mean?

It means our training programme is focused on you. If we choose you, it means we want you for...

  • your personality
  • your intelligence
  • your imagination

Because you're in the hot seat from day one:

  • you'll handle responsibility
  • and deal directly with clients throughout your two-year training period.

Of course you'll be closely supervised. You'll develop specialist knowledge.

You'll have to be confident, skilled and relaxed with people; quick-thinking and practically-minded to suit our working environment.

The application process for 2022 will be structured in line with the forthcoming SQE arrangements and will be confirmed in due course.

(Please note that Goodman Derrick LLP's privacy policy shall apply to any personal data you provide to us as part of your application.)

If, however, you want to be part of the:

  • Big-firm
  • Long-hours
  • Battery-shed process

Then perhaps this is the time to say


Training programme

We invest a lot of time and resources in our trainees and our training is aimed at producing solicitors with well-rounded knowledge, skills and abilities. Hands-on experience is supplemented by internal and external training courses.

Trainees undertake four seats of six months each, selected from our five departments. Where possible, these will include corporate, property and dispute resolution based seats as we believe the skills learned in these practice areas are essential for a trainee's development. Trainees gain experience of media work within our dispute resolution and corporate departments.

Trainees are not assigned exclusively to any particular partner but are treated as part of the department’s team from day one, enabling them to experience the breadth of the department’s work. Trainees are however supervised by and will share a room with a fee earner (usually a partner) to maximise their experience.

Trainees will play an active and essential role working with partners and fee earners on larger cases and transactions but where possible trainees also run their own files. We like to encourage initiative and responsibility at an early stage. Trainees are also given maximum client contact.