David Bigmore


David Bigmore is the founder of David Bigmore & Co. based in the North West and in the City of London.

David has formed an association with Goodman Derrick LLP and the two firms together now practise franchise law in London and in Gresford. David is also a consultant to Goodman Derrick LLP. David has specialised for a number of years in international master licensing and has acted for some of the largest Franchisors in the world in their respective fields. He also spends much of his time setting up franchises for UK-based companies, from multinationals to start-up operations.

David is also very experienced in Franchisor/Franchisee disputes.

He was the special adviser to the British Franchise Association on the provisions of the Trading Schemes Act 1996. He successfully negotiated with the DTI for amendments to the Trading Schemes (Exclusions) Regulations 1997, which resulted in Parliament passing the Trading Schemes (Exclusions) (Amendments) Regulations 1997.

David was an original member of the legal committee of the British Franchise Association, which advises BFA on legal issues. He is the author of numerous articles on franchising, which have been published nationally and internationally.


He was educated at Oxford University, where he gained a distinction in Law Moderations. He has been practising franchising law for over 22 years. David founded his present firm in 1992, having previously been the head of the corporate and commercial department of a City firm.