Tim Langton


During forty years of legal practice, Tim has advised a wide range of companies and individuals who intentionally, or otherwise, have become involved in litigation. 

The nature of the disputes has varied from claims arising from negligent advice received from professional advisers to complex contractual arguments frequently with cross-border aspects.  Actions across the full breadth of contentious matters have been brought and defended in commercial arbitrations and all court levels including the Supreme Court.

Tim has used the extensive experience and knowledge gained in commercial disputes to build a complementary practice in advising clients who need assistance with the legal consequences of relationship and marital breakdowns to enable them to rebuild their lives.  This has extended to advising on areas concerning the children of those relationships.  In recent years Tim has also developed an expertise in the international aspects of the law of surrogacy for British couples who have engaged the surrogacy process in the United States.

Tim also works closely with the private client team on contentious probate and Inheritance Act disputes, frequently with an international dimension.

Few clients engage in litigation willingly because it is time consuming and expensive.  It is therefore very much a last resort.  Tim’s energies at the outset are therefore directed in achieving a satisfactory resolution of the problem without recourse to litigation.  If that strategy does not succeed then Tim seeks to secure the most cost effective outcome compatible with the objectives of the client.

Out of the office

Tim’s extra curricular activities are largely of a sporting nature whether participating through Saturday morning runs in Richmond Park, playing tennis at the Hurlingham Club, spectating as a season ticket holder for 40 years at Chelsea FC, as a debenture holder at Twickenham and as member of the MCC.

Tim lives in Chiswick with his wife and any of his three children who happen to be at home at the time.