Franchising Law

Franchising has become increasingly accepted as a separate area of the law requiring expert and experienced advice.

Only a handful of solicitors firms in UK are able to offer the depth of expertise and experience, both domestically and internationally, as Goodman Derrick LLP in association with David Bigmore.

We will settle the form of your Franchise Agreement, either for your new venture or where an update is required. If you are an overseas Franchisor coming to the UK we will advise on your Master Franchise, Development Agreement or Joint Venture Agreement. If you are a UK Franchisor we can advise you and provide an all-round service to take you overseas.

If you wish to sell your business or your company or buy a Franchising business, we will provide a speedy, personalised and cost-effective service.

Where matters turn contentious, we have long experience in Franchising disputes. Our responsibility in such situations is to achieve our clients' objectives by the most cost-effective and least time-consuming route available. That may require the use of alternative remedies when appropriate – negotiation, arbitration or mediation.

Key services

  • Establishing New Franchises
    We will prepare your Franchise Agreement and preliminary Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Master Licensing in UK
    We have long experience in setting up Master Franchises in UK for US, Australian and Canadian Franchisors and can outline the advantages and pitfalls involved in establishing your Franchise in UK.
  • International Franchising
    We also have long experience of setting up Franchises abroad and have a network of local Franchise Lawyers around the world who will advise on any local requirements.
  • Purchases and Sales of Franchise Companies and Businesses
    We act for both Franchisors and Franchisees on the sale or purchase of their businesses or companies and have handled transactions ranging from hundreds of thousands of pounds to tens of millions of pounds.
  • All Aspects of Intellectual Property
    We advise on trade mark and copyright issues and other relevant intellectual property matters.
  • Advice on EU and UK Competition Law
    We have long experience of advising on both EU and UK Competition Law including Article 81, both block exemptions and the Competition Act 1998.
  • Software Licensing
    We are able to provide expert advice on Software Licensing.
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Dispute Resolution
    We have acted on many Franchisor/Franchisee disputes over the last seventeen years and have long and detailed experience of all of the practical and legal issues involved in these disputes.
  • Commercial Property Advice
    We are able to provide expert assistance on commercial property matters.

If you require further information about the services offered by the Franchising team please contact David Bigmore or see

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