Intellectual Property Rights

We recognise that your intellectual property rights have a significant commercial worth…

…..and so we work closely with our clients to ensure that they maintain the right protection to safeguard their intellectual capital, develop their businesses or protect their creative work and, where appropriate, to secure the enforcement of their rights against unauthorised use. We provide advice and assistance on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious issues in the field of intellectual property and information technology.

Our services include:

  • Advice and assistance on copyright, moral rights, design rights, trade marks, passing off, confidential information, data protection and domain names
  • The protection, licensing and exploitation of intellectual property
  • Undertaking chain of title and rights due diligence in respect of intellectual property works
  • Managing the protection of intellectual property on the internet, including the protection of domain names and handling cybersquatting issues in accordance with the dispute resolution procedures established to combat the misuse of domain names by third parties
  • Advising on intellectual property rights in the fields of broadcast and on-line media and films
  • Dealing with the intellectual property aspects of traditional and electronic publishing
  • Advising authors, artists and others engaged in the creative arts and in the publication, display, performance and distribution of creative works
  • Handling a wide range of intellectual property disputes, including the preparation of cease and desist letters, pursuing or defending actions in the High Court or County Court or deploying the use of alternative procedures, such as mediation, arbitration or expert determination
  • Co-operating and liaising on matters with multinational or cross-border aspects

If you require any further information about our services please contact one of the team.